About me:

I am JB Skaggs, I worked my first bbq fair in Memphis Tn in 1990. My family was trophy level competitors in the Memphis Area such as President's Island, and Memphis in May.  I ran and operated non profit kitchens in Memphis for churches and outreaches in the 1990s.

I opened my first resturant in Coos Bay, Or in 2003 it was a food court in the Pony Village Mall. I had a Pizza Front, BBq and Burger bar, Sushi bar, and Cake And Cookie bar.  I sold it at a profit in 2006.  I opened my second restaurant in 2014 - this was a bbq food truck.  In 2016 I opened a coffee shop and smoothie bar.  We also sold burgers and daily specials.  Currently I am unable to walk due to cancer treatment.  So I am doing this as a means of income and to be a boon to other restaurantuers and food truckers.

Programming wise I setup and designed al my own websites, plus dozens for churches, children's homes, restaurants, and stores.  

I used to also do general contractring, sign making, furniture making, and general architectual design. 

I look forward to talking with you.