JB Skaggs Build out break down special!


Install and labor build out contract:

This contract is between ________________________________ vendor and _______________________________ customer on this day ______________ of year 20______, for the purpose of vendor providing necessary tools, labor, and design to implement a turn key ready food trailer. (excluding small incidentals, food, utensils,code and health inspection for Customers locations.) 

______  Customer will provide materials and trailer, initialed____________________________.


______  Vendor will provide materials and trailer, initialed____________________________.

If vendor is supplying materials, equipment and trailer the that amount is to be paid to vendor by customer prior to purchase is:  ___________________ dated ________________. Price for supplies is good for 14 days.  Supplies purchases must be made in full before ordering from suppliers.  Vendor reserves right to use equal or superior substitutions of supplies become unavailable at time of shipping or if code changes and requires alternate equipment,

Equipment list to be agreed between customer and vendor before any purchases by either party.  2d and 3d drawings to be supplied by vendor prior to purchases.


Vendor to coordinate with Houston, Tx code enforcement and with customer to ensure proper installation.


Below is prosed labor details:

$2000.00  on 23’ trailers and below-  vendor provides the labor and tools for the following:.  


  1. Free logo design

  2. Free 2d truck blueprints-  code compliant

  3. Free 3d model with equipment

  4. Free complete website with ecommerce, landing page, and pos

  5. Cut  out holes for windows and doors

  6. Install windows and doors

  7. Install insulation and interior frp or metal panels

  8. If needed install floor covering

  9. Install ceiling insulation and paneling

  10. Install wiring, boxes, lights, switches, outlets in steel conduit per code

  11. Install plumbing waste and fresh tanks, pumps, grease traps, outlets

  12. Install sinks and faucets

  13. Install gas pipe lines, shut off valves and safety valves

  14. Install shelving, tables, and fixtures.

  15. Install equipment and test run and inspect all equipment

  16. Install fold down wooden porch window covers with led lights

  17. Free carved wooden signage with logo

  18. Free equipment sourcing and purchasing options if needed.

  19. Free menu design

  20. Free business plan

  21. Free fliers design and marketing plan

  22. Install hood and fire system

  23. Install a/c and vents

  24. Install roof sky lights if needed

  25. caulk and seal all seams


$500 porch install


  1. Build and install steel frame rear extended porch for bbq smokers

  2. Build and install porch roof

  3. Build and install porch rails and bbq cage

Trailer is brought to me or we arrange for me to come get it $500 and I will drive down for it. 

Payment is $300 down this covers logo, website, business plan, 2d and 3d drawings, and equipment pricing.

At time of vendor receives the trailer or truck: $1500 is due.  If  vendor is picking up trailer payment for move must be completed prior before vendor leaves to pickup truck or trailer.

shipping costs, and remainder due upon completion.

plus any shipping costs, and remaiderdie upon completion.

Estimated time for standard bbq 7x20 is about 2 to 3 weeks

Vendor guarantee my labor and test all equipment before sending trailer to customer.  I also offer training for all the equipment for operation and maintenance.

Signed:________________________________ vendor date:___________________________

Signed:________________________________ customer date_________________________

Estimated delivery of finished ________________  after receipt of trailer to be modified.