What does eCommerce do for my food truck?

by JB Skaggs 7/28/2020

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Simply put a solid website and ecommerce will add this to your business:

  • Easier bookkeeping
  • Multiple truck tracking
  • Ease of credit card and pos payments
  • Unlimited easy menu items and edits
  • Customers build their orders without taking up staff time
  • Orders sent directly to kitchen and admin
  • Loyalty rewards
  • In store credit
  • Gift Certificates
  • Offer Meal Subscriptions
  • Makes Covid 19 compliance easier
  • Reduces lines
  • Offers easy way to market- every sale generates email and phone leads
  • Makes scheduling and staffing more efficient
  • Reduces the need complicated POS equipment
  • Most can be run in truck from a single smart phone
  • Saves you time and money while exnding the ability to increase your market and sales.  A eCommerce system is not just a POS it is an integrated marketing and Customer Service and adminstration system
  • Lenders and investors like being able to see your professional online shop

Every single person is 90% guaranteed to have a cell phone, computer, or tablet.

eCommerce puts you in contact with them. It eliminates order lines at your food window, allows delivery, monthly and weekly subscription programs, automatically updates your loyal cutsomers on your location, emails, texts, facebooks sales specials.  Provides loyalty rewards programs.  And allows the customer to custom build their orders how they want and pick it up on their schedule.

The orders are emailed to you and can auto print on printer or just fill via email system.

A cell phone or tablet station at your window allow customer to login in with a simple barcode,QR code, or type in account  eliminating another step for you as you cook.

The ecommerce can also serve as your cash POS as well.